Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions only apply to EV charge points.

The terms and conditions outlined here cover what is included in the standard installation price quoted on the website.

Quotations valid for maximum of 14 days from the date issued.

Extra work not covered by the standard installation cost will incur extra charges and any issues on the day of installation that may be deemed unsafe or result in the work being halted may also incur extra charges if a return visit is needed.

Return visits and cancellations within 48 hours of the planned installation date will incur a £150 charge.

Standard Installation

  1. Up to 4 hours for installation, this is for one engineer with full and uninterrupted access to the entire dwelling on the date and time of the installation.  If this is not possible the cancellation fee will apply.
  2. Fitment of one of our chargers onto a Brick or Plaster wall forming part of the permanent structure, also the proposed location must be compliant with the regulations and within the client’s property boundary. It may be required by the government when claiming the grant to prove you own this land with a land search document. The cost for this will be covered by you.
  3. Up to 10m of cable, clipped neatly onto the permanent structure between the distribution board and the charging socket.
  4. Fitting, Testing, Certification and Notifications. Only for work we have done and equipment we have installed.
  5. The costs quoted are based on assumptions that the proposed charge point (if not supplied by us) qualifies for the discount through the scheme and is registered on the GOV website.
  6. A spare way is available in the consumer unit, and that the consumer unit is not damaged in any way and complies with the current standards of BS7671.
  7. All Costs are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.

Conditions that may incur extra costs not part of standard installation

  1. Any extra time over the standard allotted slot due to issues on site on the day of installation.
  2. Extra cable needed over the 10m standard installation.
  3. Any work required to conceal cables under floors or ceilings, this can be quoted beforehand but a site visit may be required that will incur extra charges.
  4. Any extra works due to the consumer unit not being on the same external wall where the charging socket is to be installed.
  5. Cable rods or PEN fault detection if required, we do prefer to install chargers with this built in to limit installation costs.
  6. Any extra works to bring the installation up to the legal requirements of BS7671, this may include but is not limited to Gas & Water bonding, RCD installation or a new consumer unit to feed the charging socket.
  7. Aborted visits that are cancelled up to 48 hours before installation.


All chargers fitted by us come with a standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and a 1 year parts & labour warranty by us from date of installation. The charger must be tested yearly from date of installation to maintain this warranty period.

For the warranty claim you must supply the Serial number of the charger, date of installation & address of installation. You must supply us with an explanation of what is happening and if the charging unit has failed. We will then be in touch to arrange a site visit by one of our engineers.

If the charger has been tampered with or has signs that misuse has occurred then the warranty will be deemed invalid, also any work NOT carried out not by one of our engineers or one of our approved installers will also invalidate it.

All warranty claims must be reported to info@greenevchargers.co.uk at the earliest convenience.